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Revealed: The Top Strategies & Tactics Used By The Best Marketers In The World

What Is Lead Nuggets?

First let me get this out the way…every website has a newsletter. I made a promise to myself I would never create another throwaway marketing newsletter.

Lead Nuggets is a straight to the point, raw and highly informative bi-weekly (sometimes weekly or monthly depending on how much value I have to share) email newsletter for marketers looking to gain an edge. 

Each newsletter issue I’ll share my top 1-5 “nuggets” from the top marketers in the world. Each nugget will have a focus on topics surrounding lead acquisition, monetization, optimization and nurturing.

Between my own experiences as a CEO, CMO or partner of 6, 7, and 8 figure companies…consuming marketing podcasts, articles, books…plus learning from peers in meetups, masterminds, and good ole marketing related Facebook posts I have plenty of high-value tips to share. 

What You Should Join

Lead Nuggets is delivered with the busy marketer in mind. I’ll send you an email with each topic clearly labeled so you only read what’s relevant to your business needs or interests. 

Once you click on a tip or strategy you’re interested in, you’ll land on a page with a video & written text (for you readers) that explains the ”nugget” in detail. The same video will include a hypothesis that’s backed by my own experiences, opinion, research, or industry data so you have clear context on every strategy and tip I share with you.

Oh, and it’s all 100% free!

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